Geico Turo Rentals; A Guide for Car Owners and Renters

Turo is a peer-to-peer car sharing platform that allows you to rent cars from local owners, or list your own car for rent and earn extra income.

Turo claims to be cheaper and more convenient than traditional car rental companies and offers a wide range of vehicles, from economy cars to luxury cars.

But what about insurance? Does your Geico car insurance cover Turo rentals? And do you need to buy Turo’s additional insurance?

Does Geico cover Turo rentals?

Whether you’re a car owner looking to list on Turo or a renter seeking a vehicle, Geico’s role varies. For owners, Geico’s personal car insurance doesn’t cover rentals on Turo due to the platform being viewed as a commercial activity.

Owners must either secure a commercial car insurance policy or rely on Turo’s host protection plan. However, it’s crucial to note limitations in Turo’s plan, such as deductibles and exclusions.

As a renter, Geico’s coverage for Turo rentals depends on your policy type. Standard or full coverage policies may extend coverage for personal use, excluding business purposes.

Verify policy details, ensuring sufficient coverage for the rented car’s type and value. Be aware of potential fees Turo may impose, not covered by Geico and confirm specifics with your Geico agent before booking on Turo. Understanding these aspects is vital for a smooth Turo experience.

How to find out if your car insurance covers Turo

To ascertain whether your car insurance extends to Turo, initiate direct communication with your insurance provider.

Furnish specific details of your Turo rental, including car make, model, year, value, and location, along with the rental’s duration and purpose.

Inquire about policy limits, deductibles, and exclusions, seeking clarity on how these aspects apply to your Turo arrangement.

Explore the claims process and required documentation in case of accidents or damage.

It’s prudent to secure written confirmation of your coverage and terms from your insurance company and maintain it during your Turo rental. Clear communication and documentation pave the way for a smoother Turo experience.

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How to file a claim with Geico for a Turo rental car

If you are involved in an accident or damage your Turo rental car, you should follow these steps to file a claim with Geico:

  • Swiftly notify Turo, exchange details, document, and secure a police report for the incident.
  • Report to Geico promptly, offering comprehensive details and sharing collected evidence.
  • Collaborate with Geico and Turo throughout the claims process, answering queries and covering fees.
  • Patiently await resolution as Geico and Turo investigate, communicate outcomes, and facilitate compensation.

Tips for renting cars on Turo with Geico insurance

  • Begin by comparing cars on Turo to find the best fit within your budget. Evaluate reviews, check details, and ensure the chosen car aligns with your needs.
  • Initiate communication with the car owner, introducing yourself and addressing any concerns. Confirm pickup details and maintain contact during the rental. Adhere to the owner’s rules.
  • Drive responsibly, obey traffic laws, and avoid risky activities. Keep the car clean, report damages promptly, and respect the owner’s rules and instructions.
  • Post-rental, provide honest feedback on Turo, thanking the owner and addressing any issues. Respond to owner feedback, resolving disputes if needed.

Should I buy Turo’s additional insurance?

Turo provides three insurance levels—Premier, Standard, and Minimum—with varying coverage and costs, including liability, physical damage, roadside assistance and personal injury protection.

The decision to accept or decline Turo’s insurance hinges on personal preference, risk tolerance, and existing Geico coverage.

If your Geico policy sufficiently covers Turo rentals and you’re confident in its terms, opting out of Turo’s insurance may suffice.

Conversely, if your Geico policy lacks Turo coverage or you’re unsure, Turo’s additional insurance offers extra protection.

Evaluate the benefits and costs of accepting or declining Turo’s insurance, ensuring an informed decision aligned with your needs and peace of mind.

Coverage for hosts

  • Geico doesn’t cover Turo hosts due to business use classification.
  • Turo offers various protection plans for hosts to choose from.
  • Plans vary in trip price percentage, deductible, and reimbursements.
  • All plans include $750,000 third-party liability insurance from Travelers.
  • Turo covers eligible damage costs above the deductible.
  • Some plans offer additional features like wear and tear reimbursement.
  • Loss of hosting income during repair and replacement vehicle reimbursement may be included.
  • Hosts can select the plan that best suits their needs and preferences.

GEICO Contact information

Category Details
Phone Number Geico Customer Service: 800-207-7847 General Inquiries: 800-861-8380 Claims: 800-841-3000 Turo Customer Support: 415-965-4525
Address Geico Corporate Headquarters: 5260 Western Avenue, Chevy Chase, MD 20815 Local Geico Agent: Use the agent locator tool Turo: 667 Mission Street, 4th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105
Customer Service Geico: Phone, email, chat, mail. Contact details on the contact us page. Turo: Phone, email, chat. Contact details on the contact us page.
Policy Details Geico: Check online account, mobile app, contact agent, or call 800-207-7847. Turo: Check insurance and protection page for coverage details.
Email Address Geico: Use online form. Find agent’s email using agent locator. Turo: Use online form. Find host or guest email using Turo app or website.
Fax Number Geico: 877-318-0058. Specific fax numbers on contact us page. Turo: No fax number. Send documents by email or mail.
Operating Hours Geico: Varies by service and department. Check contact us page. Turo: 24/7 availability for customer support. Check host or guest availability using app or website.


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