GEICO’s rental car coverage: A Comprehensive Overview

GEICO offers full coverage for rental cars, encompassing liability and physical damage. Liability covers state-mandated minimums for personal use, while physical damage includes collision and comprehensive coverage.

It’s essential to note that certain fees may not be fully covered, prompting consideration of additional rental company coverage.

While GEICO’s coverage is robust, assessing specific rental circumstances and opting for supplementary protections may ensure comprehensive and cost-effective coverage.

Navigating GEICO’s Rental Car Insurance Coverage Options

Types of Rental Car Insurance by GEICO:

    • Liability Coverage:
      • Covers damages and injuries caused to others in an accident.
      • Extends to the rental car for personal use, meeting state-required minimum liability limits.
      • Additional liability coverage from the rental company may be advisable for full accident cost coverage.
    • Physical Damage Coverage:
      • Includes collision and comprehensive coverage.
      • Covers damages to your car in accidents, theft, vandalism, or fire.
      • Extends to the rental car for personal use, up to the actual cash value, minus deductible.

Considerations for Liability Coverage:

    • State-required minimums covered when renting for personal use.
    • Additional liability coverage from the rental company may be needed for full accident cost coverage.

Considerations for Physical Damage Coverage:

    • Extends to the rental car for personal use.
    • Covers damages up to actual cash value, minus deductible.
    • Additional physical damage coverage from the rental company, like loss damage waiver, may be advisable.

Responsibility for Additional Fees and Charges:

    • Some fees and charges not covered by GEICO policy, e.g., loss of use, diminished value, or administrative fees.
    • Consider additional physical damage coverage from the rental company to avoid these extra costs.

Understanding GEICO’s Rental Reimbursement Coverage

  • Type of Coverage: GEICO offers rental reimbursement coverage as an optional add-on to your policy.
  • Purpose: It covers the cost of renting a car when your own car is being repaired after a covered claim.
  • Payment Limit: GEICO pays for rental car fees up to your policy limit, which varies from $30 to $100 per day, depending on your choice.
  • Example Scenario: If your car is damaged in an accident, GEICO reimburses rental car fees within the specified limit.
  • Limitations:
    • Does not cover rental car fees for reasons other than covered claims, such as traveling, moving, or leisure.
    • Does not cover rental car fees if your car is not being repaired after a covered claim (e.g., if it’s totaled, stolen, or impounded).
  • Out-of-Pocket Expenses: In cases where rental reimbursement coverage doesn’t apply, you’ll need to cover rental car fees yourself or utilize applicable credit card benefits.
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GEICO’s rental car coverage
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Comparing GEICO’s Rental Car Coverage to Other Options

GEICO’s rental car coverage is not the only option available for you when you rent a car. You may also have other sources of rental car insurance, such as:

Your credit card:

Certain credit cards offer rental car insurance benefits when used for payment. Nevertheless, coverage terms differ based on the card issuer, type, and rental company. It’s essential to review your credit card’s terms and conditions before depending on it for rental car insurance.

The rental company:

Rental companies provide different insurance options like liability, physical damage, personal accident, and personal effects coverage.

Yet, this coverage might be costly or unnecessary if you already have insurance or credit card benefits. It’s advisable to compare the rental company’s insurance costs and benefits before making a decision.

A third-party provider: You may also buy rental car insurance from a third-party provider, such as an online broker, a travel agent, or a membership organization.

However, the coverage may vary depending on the provider, the policy, and the rental company. You may want to read the fine print and reviews of the third-party provider before buying their insurance.

GEICO Rental Car Insurance Cost

The cost of GEICO’s rental car insurance depends on several factors, such as:

The type of coverage you have:

If you already have GEICO’s liability and physical damage coverage, extending it to a rental car for personal use won’t cost you extra.

However, opting for additional coverage from the rental company, like a loss damage waiver or collision damage waiver, comes with a fee, typically ranging from $10 to $30 per day based on the rental company and car type.

For GEICO’s rental reimbursement coverage, you’ll pay a premium, varying from $2 to $15 monthly, depending on your policy limit and deductible.

The duration of the rental:

The duration of your car rental influences the cost of insurance, whether from GEICO, the rental company, or a third-party provider.

Consider this: renting a car for a week and purchasing a $20 per day loss damage waiver from the rental company means you’ll spend $140 on rental car insurance, excluding rental fees and taxes.

Balancing the duration and associated insurance costs is essential for an economical and well-protected rental experience.

The location of the rental:

The cost of rental car insurance can fluctuate based on the state or country of rental due to varying laws and regulations.

States may mandate a minimum liability coverage, while others may not. Specific countries, like Mexico, might have unique rules, requiring special liability coverage obtainable from the rental company or a third-party provider.

Be attentive to location-specific insurance requirements to ensure comprehensive coverage that aligns with local regulations.

GEICO Rental Car Insurance Eligibility

You need to have a valid GEICO car insurance policy, with the appropriate type and amount of coverage for your rental car needs.

You need to be renting the car for personal use, and not for business or commercial purposes, unless you have a specific endorsement or rider on your GEICO policy that allows you to do so.

Rent the car from a licensed and reputable rental company, and not from a private individual or an unregulated service.

The car is rented in the US, Canada, or Puerto Rico, unless you have a specific endorsement or rider on your GEICO policy that allows you to rent the car in other countries.

You need to follow the terms and conditions of your GEICO policy, the rental agreement, and the applicable laws and regulations regarding rental car insurance.

GEICO Rental Car Insurance Reviews

Some of the positive reviews include:

  • GEICO rental car insurance is convenient and affordable, as it extends your existing coverage to the rental car, without requiring you to buy additional coverage from the rental company or a third-party provider.
  • GEICO rental car insurance is comprehensive and reliable, as it covers you for a wide range of scenarios and situations, such as accidents, theft, vandalism, or fire.
  • GEICO rental car insurance is easy and hassle-free, as it allows you to file a claim online, with the GEICO app, or by calling 800-841-3000, anytime, day or night.

Some of the negative reviews include:

  • GEICO rental car insurance is not enough and sufficient, as it does not cover you for some fees and charges that the rental company may impose on you, such as loss of use, diminished value, or administrative fees.
  • GEICO rental car insurance is confusing and misleading, as it does not clearly explain the terms and conditions of the coverage, such as the limitations, exclusions, and deductibles.
  • GEICO rental car insurance is slow and inefficient, as it takes a long time to process the claim, communicate with the rental company, and reimburse the customer.

GEICO Rental Car Insurance Customer Service

Phone: You can call GEICO at 800-207-7847 for general inquiries, technical issues, or customer service. You can also find specific phone numbers for different types of claims, payments, and financial services on their [contact us] page.

Email: You can email GEICO by using their [online form]. You will need to provide your name, email address, phone number, policy number, and message.

Mail: You can mail GEICO by using the following address: GEICO, One GEICO Plaza, Washington, D.C. 20076. You will need to include your name, policy number, and claim number (if applicable) on your mail.

Online: You can access GEICO rental car insurance customer service online by creating or logging into your [online account]. You can also access your account on the GEICO app, which you can download from the [App Store]

Making informed decisions about rental car insurance

When renting a car, it’s vital to comprehend rental car insurance to safeguard your financial well-being. This insurance provides protection against damages, theft, vandalism, or injuries involving the rented vehicle.

However, it can be intricate, expensive, or duplicative, depending on existing insurance policies, credit card benefits, and rental company policies.

Several types of rental car insurance include:

  • Liability coverage: Mandatory in most regions, it covers damages and injuries you cause to others in an accident. While usually included in rental rates, additional coverage might be necessary for sufficient protection.
  • Physical damage coverage: Optional and may be offered as a loss damage waiver (LDW) or collision damage waiver (CDW), covering damages to the rental car. It can be expensive and subject to limitations.
  • Personal accident coverage: Optional and covers medical expenses for you and passengers. Existing health, car, or travel insurance may already provide sufficient coverage.
  • Personal effects coverage: Optional and covers the loss or theft of personal belongings in the rental car. Existing homeowners, renters, or travel insurance might offer comparable or superior coverage.

To effectively compare rental car insurance options:

  • Check existing coverage: Review current insurance policies and credit card benefits to understand what coverage is already in place for rental cars, including limitations and deductibles.
  • Examine rental car insurance terms: Read through the terms and conditions of rental car insurance offered by both the rental company and third-party providers. Understand coverage, fees, charges, and restrictions.
  • Compare options: Evaluate coverage, costs, and convenience of different rental car insurance options. Online tools and calculators can aid in this comparison process.

To evaluate your insurance needs for rental cars:

  • Consider rental car specifics: Assess the type and value of the rental car, potential repair or replacement costs, and the type and location of roads you’ll be driving on.
  • Check state requirements: Consider the state or country’s required liability coverage and assess potential costs of paying for damages and injuries caused in an accident.
  • Assess personal needs: Consider the amount and type of personal accident coverage and personal effects coverage needed based on your travel plans and potential risks.
  • Evaluate budget and risk tolerance: Determine how much you’re willing to pay for rental car insurance and how much you’re comfortable paying out of pocket in case of an incident. Weigh the peace of mind and convenience provided by rental car insurance.

Frequently asked questions

Does GEICO cover me when I’m using a rental car?

GEICO covers rental cars for personal use, but additional charges like loss of use may not be covered. Consider extra rental coverage.

Can I get insurance for a rental car if I don’t own a car?

Absolutely! GEICO offers insurance for rental cars, even if you don’t own a car. Their non-owner policy covers liability, but for physical damage, consider extra coverage from the rental company.

What is GEICO’s rental reimbursement coverage?

Certainly! GEICO’s rental reimbursement coverage is an optional addition to your policy. It covers the cost of a rental car during repairs for covered claims but not for other purposes or if your car isn’t being repaired after a covered claim.

How much does GEICO’s rental car insurance cost?

Certainly! The cost of GEICO’s rental car insurance varies based on coverage, rental duration, and location. Liability and physical damage coverage with GEICO may not incur extra costs for personal-use rentals.

Additional coverage from the rental company, like a loss damage waiver, can range from $10 to $30 per day. Rental reimbursement coverage with GEICO carries a premium ranging from $2 to $15 per month, dependent on policy limits and deductibles.

Who is eligible for GEICO’s rental car insurance?

To qualify for GEICO’s rental car insurance, ensure you have a valid GEICO car insurance policy with suitable coverage. Personal use is essential, excluding business purposes unless endorsed.

Rent from a licensed rental company in the US, Canada, or Puerto Rico. Adhere to GEICO policy terms, rental agreement, and relevant laws.

Geico contact information

Contact Information Details
Phone Number 800-207-7847 (General)
Address One Geico Plaza, Washington, D.C. 20076
Customer Service Contact Geico Customer Care
Policy Details Manage Policy Online
Email Address Online Form
Fax Number 888-633-0405
Operating Hours 24/7 for claims and emergency road service. Check here for specific service hours.


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