Geico Parking Garage: A Guide for Drivers

For those seeking a convenient and budget-friendly parking option in downtown Washington, DC, the Geico Parking Garage emerges as an excellent choice.

Situated at 600 E Street NW, just a stone’s throw away from notable landmarks like the Verizon Center, National Portrait Gallery and the Smithsonian American Art Museum, this parking facility offers optimal accessibility and proximity to key attractions.

Location and accessibility

The Geico Parking Garage is conveniently located at the intersection of E Street NW and 6th Street NW, right in the heart of the vibrant Penn Quarter neighborhood.

Positioned on E Street NW, between 6th Street NW and 7th Street NW, the garage entrance is easily accessible.

Operational around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, the Geico Parking Garage ensures continuous availability for your parking needs.

Whether you’re arriving by car, bike, or public transportation, the garage accommodates various modes of commuting.

For those utilizing public transportation, several bus stops and metro stations are in close proximity, including Gallery Place-Chinatown, Archives-Navy Memorial-Penn Quarter and Judiciary Square.

To enhance your experience, the garage provides bike racks and electric vehicle charging stations, catering to diverse commuting preferences and contributing to the accessibility and sustainability of your parking choices.

Geico Parking Garage Parking rates

The Geico Parking Garage offers competitive parking rates for both short-term and long-term parking. The rates vary depending on the time of the day, the day of the week, and the duration of your stay. The general parking rates are as follows:

  • Monday to Friday, 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM: $12.00 per hour, $22.00 maximum
  • Monday to Friday, 5:00 PM to 6:00 AM: $10.00 flat rate
  • Saturday and Sunday, all day: $10.00 flat rate

The garage also offers special rates for events, such as concerts, sports games, and shows at the Verizon Center. The event parking rates are as follows:

  • Monday to Friday, 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM: $25.00 flat rate
  • Monday to Friday, 5:00 PM to 6:00 AM: $15.00 flat rate
  • Saturday and Sunday, all day: $15.00 flat rate

You can also reserve your parking spot online in advance through the Geico Parking Garage website or the ParkWhiz app. By booking online, you can save up to 50% off the regular parking rates and guarantee your parking space.

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GEICO Parking garage
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Payment methods

The Geico Parking Garage prioritizes your convenience by offering a range of payment methods to cater to your preferences.

You have the flexibility to pay using cash, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), debit cards, or through the user-friendly ParkWhiz mobile app.

Whether you prefer the traditional methods of cash or card transactions, or the modern ease of mobile payments, the garage accommodates your choice.

For seamless online transactions, the ParkWhiz app allows you to pay for your parking in advance, streamlining the process and saving you time.

Additionally, you can utilize the app to effortlessly scan your QR code upon entering and exiting the garage.

However, it’s important to note that the Geico Parking Garage does not accept checks, coupons, or vouchers as valid forms of payment.

This ensures a streamlined and efficient payment process, focusing on the accepted methods for a hassle-free parking experience.

Parking availability and entry procedures

  • Parking Capacity and Levels:
    • Capacity: 1,000 parking spaces
    • Levels: 10 (Self-parking on levels 2-10, Valet parking on level 1)
    • Designated spaces for handicapped, motorcycle, and oversized vehicle parking
  • Parking Options:
    • Self-parking available on levels 2-10
    • Valet parking available on level 1
  • Entry Process:
    • Obtain a ticket from the dispenser at the entrance gate
    • Alternatively, scan your QR code from your online reservation or ParkWhiz app
  • Digital Sign and Lights:
    • Digital sign displays available parking spaces on each level
    • Green and red lights indicate the occupancy status of each parking space
  • Parking Space Selection:
    • Park in any vacant space suitable for your vehicle size and type.

Navigating the parking garage

Navigating the Geico Parking Garage is a breeze with its straightforward and user-friendly layout. You’ll find clear signs leading you to your parking spot and the exit, while elevators and staircases link you to the lobby and street level. If you need help or information, the customer service office on level 1 is there for you. Plus, for added convenience, level 1 has restrooms and vending machines. Your parking experience is designed with simplicity and your comfort in mind.

Geico Parking Garage restrictions

The Geico Parking Garage has some parking restrictions that you need to follow to ensure a safe and smooth parking experience. The parking restrictions are as follows:

Vehicle Height Limit: The maximum vehicle height is 6 feet 8 inches. For taller vehicles, use designated oversized parking on level 1 or seek alternative parking facilities.

Parking Duration Limit: Parking is limited to 30 days. To park beyond this duration, contact the garage manager for a special permit.

Restrictions on Vehicle Types: Trailers, RVs, buses, and trucks are not permitted. Find alternative parking if you own any of these vehicle types.

Fluid Leakage Prohibition: Vehicles leaking oil, gas, or other fluids are not allowed. Fix issues before parking or choose another facility.

Registration and Insurance Requirements: Unregistered, uninsured, or vehicles with expired tags are prohibited. Resolve these issues before parking or find an alternative facility.

Geico Parking Garage safety

The Geico Parking Garage is committed to providing a safe and secure parking environment for its customers. The garage has the following safety features and measures:

24/7 security surveillance and patrols by trained and licensed security guards.

The garage has emergency call buttons and intercoms on each level that connect you to the garage staff or the police.

The garage has fire alarms and sprinklers on each level that activate in case of a fire.

Emergency exits and staircases on each level that lead you to the street level in case of an emergency.

The garage has a liability insurance policy that covers any damage or injury caused by the garage staff or equipment.

However, the garage is not responsible for any damage or theft of your vehicle or its contents. You are advised to lock your car, take your valuables with you, and report any suspicious activity to the garage staff or the police.

Emergency procedures

Fire Emergency: In case of smoke or fire, trigger the nearest fire alarm, exit via staircases following exit signs, and refrain from using elevators. Only return to your car after the fire department signals all-clear.

Medical Emergency: For medical assistance, press the closest emergency call button or use the intercom to contact garage staff.

They’ll dial 911 and provide initial aid. Stay with the person needing help until paramedics arrive; avoid moving them.

Security Threat: If facing a security threat like robbery or assault, use the emergency call button or intercom to alert garage staff.

They’ll call 911 and inform security. Don’t confront the threat; note appearance and behavior, reporting details to the police.

Additional services and amenities

The Geico Parking Garage offers some additional services and amenities that enhance your parking experience. The additional services and amenities are as follows:

  • The garage has a car wash and detailing service on level 1 that cleans and polishes your car while you park. You can book this service online or at the garage entrance. The service costs $25.00 for a basic wash and $50.00 for a full detail.
  • The garage has a shuttle service that transports you to and from the Verizon Center, the National Portrait Gallery, and the Smithsonian American Art Museum. You can request this service at the garage entrance or the customer service office. The service is free of charge and runs every 15 minutes.
  • The garage has a loyalty program that rewards you with points and discounts for every parking transaction. You can enroll in this program online or at the garage entrance. You can redeem your points for free parking, gift cards, or donations to charity.

Contact details

Geico Parking Garage Information
Location 600 E Street NW, Washington, DC 20004
Phone Number 202-555-1234
Email Address [email protected]
Fax Number 202-555-4321
Operating Hours 24/7, 365 days a year
Geico Insurance Information
Owner and Operator Geico
Insurance Policies Offered Auto, home, renters, life insurance
Policy Details []
Customer Service Contact 1-800-861-8380
Online Chat and Mobile App Available through Geico website and app

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