GEICO warranty terms

Navigating the automotive landscape can be a complex journey, and having a reliable warranty in place is crucial for drivers seeking assurance and protection.

Enter the GEICO warranty terms—a set of guidelines and conditions shaping the coverage provided by GEICO for their extended warranty plans.

Understanding these terms is essential for potential policyholders, as they influence the scope, cost, and overall benefits of GEICO’s extended warranty offerings.

Is GEICO extended warranty worth it?

The GEICO extended warranty serves as a form of vehicle service contract designed to cover specific repair costs and parts once the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

This warranty proves particularly beneficial in mitigating expenses related to repairs, especially for older vehicles or those with high mileage.

Additionally, GEICO’s extended warranty includes advantages such as roadside assistance, reimbursement for rental cars and coverage for trip interruptions.

Nevertheless, the suitability of the GEICO extended warranty depends on various factors. These considerations may impact your decision:

Vehicle Condition: If your car is under the manufacturer’s warranty or in good condition, GEICO extended warranty may be unnecessary.

Cost and Coverage: GEICO extended warranty prices and coverage vary; compare them with potential repair costs to assess practicality.

Terms and Conditions: Be aware of GEICO extended warranty limitations, excluding routine maintenance, cosmetic damage, and requiring adherence to service schedules and authorized repair facilities.

Does GEICO extended warranty cover everything?

GEICO extended warranty does not cover everything. GEICO extended warranty only covers the parts and systems that are listed in your contract.

The warranty offers different levels of coverage, ranging from basic powertrain coverage to comprehensive bumper-to-bumper coverage. The more coverage you choose, the more expensive the plan will be.

An infographic of GEICO extended warranty coverage inclusions and exclusions
An infographic of GEICO extended warranty coverage inclusions and exclusions

How much is GEICO extended warranty for my car?

The cost of GEICO extended warranty for your car depends on several factors, such as:

  • The make, model, year, and mileage of your car. Generally, the older and more used your car is, the more expensive the GEICO extended warranty will be.
  • The level and duration of coverage you choose. Generally, the more coverage and the longer the term you choose, the more expensive the GEICO extended warranty will be.
  • The deductible you choose. Generally, the lower the deductible you choose, the more expensive the GEICO extended warranty will be.

To get a quote for GEICO extended warranty for your car, you can visit the GEICO website, or call 1-800-861-8380. You will need to provide some information about your car, such as the VIN, mileage, and service history. You will also need to choose the coverage level, term, and deductible that suit your needs and budget.

How to cancel GEICO extended warranty

Changing your mind about GEICO extended warranty? You can cancel anytime, but the process and refund policy vary based on when and how it was purchased.

For direct purchases from GEICO:

  1. Call 1-800-861-8380 to speak with customer service.
  2. Send a written request to GEICO Mechanical Breakdown Insurance, including name, address, phone number, policy number and reason for cancellation.

For purchases from a dealer or third-party:

Contact them directly and follow their cancellation instructions.

Cancellation within 60 days yields a full refund, minus claims paid. After 60 days, receive a prorated refund, minus claims paid and a cancellation fee.

GEICO extended warranty customer service

You can contact GEICO extended warranty customer service by:

  • Calling 1-800-861-8380 and choosing the option for mechanical breakdown claims.
  • Visiting the GEICO website and logging into your account.
  • Using the GEICO mobile app and tapping on the roadside assistance icon.

GEICO extended warranty customer service can help you with:

  • Filing a claim for a covered repair.
  • Finding an authorized repair facility near you.
  • Arranging for roadside assistance, towing, rental car, or trip interruption benefits.
  • Checking the status of your claim or payment.
  • Updating your personal or payment information.
  • Renewing or canceling your GEICO extended warranty.

Does GEICO extended warranty cover wear and tear?

GEICO extended warranty excludes wear and tear, defined as the natural deterioration of parts due to age, use, or environmental factors. This isn’t considered a mechanical breakdown and isn’t covered.

On the other hand, GEICO extended warranty covers mechanical breakdowns, which are sudden and unexpected failures of parts due to defects in materials or workmanship. These are distinct from wear and tear and are eligible for coverage.

An infographic of wear and tear vs mechanical breakdowns coverage
An infographic of wear and tear vs mechanical breakdowns coverage

GEICO extended warranty reviews

Customers have varied opinions on GEICO extended warranty. Some applaud its user-friendly online/phone purchase and management.

The flexibility in coverage options and deductibles caters to diverse needs and budgets, offering peace of mind against unexpected repair expenses.

Additional perks like roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, and trip interruption coverage contribute to its appeal.

High customer satisfaction and a low complaint ratio enhance its positive image.

However, drawbacks include its relatively high cost compared to competitors. Coverage limitations and exclusions exist, requiring adherence to the manufacturer’s service schedule and authorized repair facilities.

The warranty entails a cancellation fee and a prorated refund policy. Negative reviews and complaints about the claim process and customer service are also noted. As with any product, individual experiences may vary.

Contact information

Information Details
Phone Number For general inquiries, call (800) 207-7847.
Address GEICO’s headquarters: 5260 Western Avenue, Chevy Chase, MD 20815.
Customer Service Contact GEICO through phone, email, chat, or mail. Use the GEICO Mobile app for policy access, claims, roadside assistance, and more.
Policy Details Access policy details, make changes, and pay bills on GEICO’s website or the GEICO Mobile app.
Email Address Email GEICO via the [online form]. The GEICO Mobile app also allows messaging.
Fax Number For general inquiries, fax at (877) 318-0058. Find specific department fax numbers [here].
Operating Hours GEICO’s customer service is available 24/7, every day of the year.


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