Unlocking Peace of Mind: Exploring GEICO Renters Insurance

Looking to secure comprehensive coverage for your rented dwelling? Consider Geico renters insurance quote, which offers protection for your belongings in case of unforeseen incidents.

While a landlord’s insurance policy typically covers the building, it does not extend to your personal possessions.

Whether you reside in an apartment, condo, house, or other rented property, renters insurance is essential. Safeguard your valuables and gain peace of mind by obtaining a renters insurance quote from Geico today.

GEICO renters insurance

Policy renewal and cancellations

Policy renewal process

Renew your GEICO renters insurance policy by logging into your online account or creating one on the GEICO website.

Carefully review policy details and ensure accuracy of coverage amounts and deductibles.

Make any necessary updates or changes to your policy, especially for additional coverage for valuables.GEICO offers renters insurance starting at $12 per month.

Contact your GEICO agent for assistance or questions regarding policy renewal.

Cancellation policy and fees

GEICO does not charge cancellation fees for most policies.Discontinuing your renters insurance policy incurs no penalties, but consider timing for potential refunds of unused premiums.

Receive a formal cancellation notice with a final due date if you miss a payment, typically within two weeks of the original due date.

Grace periods

GEICO offers a 9-day grace period for late payments without incurring late fees.Your insurance policy still covers you during the grace period, but stay up-to-date with payments to avoid policy cancellation.

GEICO prioritizes customer-friendly policies for renewal, cancellation, and grace periods, making managing renters insurance straightforward.

Contact information

Information Details
Phone Number 1-800-207-7847
Address 5260 Western Ave Chevy Chase, MD 20815
Customer Service Available via phone, email, live chat, and local agents.
Contact for claim reporting, policy inquiries, and assistance.
Policy Details Coverage includes personal belongings against damage or theft.
Also includes personal liability coverage for injuries on rented property.
Email Address Reach GEICO via the online form on their Contact Us page. Expect a response within 1 day.
Fax Number Inquire about fax instructions through other contact channels.
Operating Hours Customer service operates 24/7 for assistance with renters insurance needs.


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