GEICO Salvaged Title Coverage: Insider Secrets for Smart Shoppers

If you’re eyeing a budget-friendly car with a salvaged title, understanding GEICO Salvaged Title Coverage becomes paramount.

These vehicles, deemed total losses by insurers due to damage, can be restored and sold as rebuilt salvage.

Before delving into purchasing, it’s crucial to comprehend the differences from clean title vehicles, along with the challenges involved in insuring them.

Salvaged Title vs. Clean Title

A salvaged title denotes a vehicle damaged beyond its market value, declared a total loss by insurers. In contrast, a clean title indicates no significant damage or repairs.

Clean title cars generally hold higher value, ensuring fewer concerns about safety, reliability, and performance.

While a salvaged title vehicle can be restored and re-registered as rebuilt salvage after passing a state inspection, its title retains the salvage history.

Consequently, these cars command lower resale values and bear increased risks of mechanical issues.

Challenges with insuring rebuilt salvage vehicles

Securing insurance for rebuilt salvage vehicles presents challenges. Many insurers are hesitant, often imposing higher premiums due to perceived risks.

Additionally, some states have strict requirements, including comprehensive inspections and specialized registration.

Another obstacle is finding sufficient coverage. Most insurers restrict coverage to liability, excluding protection for the insured vehicle.

Opting for collision and comprehensive coverage, while providing broader protection, may be cost-ineffective.

This is because insurers assess compensation based on the vehicle’s actual cash value, significantly lower due to its salvage history.

An image illustration of GEICO Salvage title coverage
GEICO Salvage title coverage

Can GEICO insure your Salvaged car?

GEICO stands out as one of the few insurers willing to cover salvaged title vehicles, given they meet specific criteria. For eligibility, your vehicle must possess:

  • A rebuilt salvage title issued by the state
  • Registration and operational status
  • Absence of existing damage
  • Successful completion of a GEICO inspection

Should your vehicle meet these criteria, applying for GEICO salvaged title coverage is possible through online channels, phone, or visiting a local agent.

Documentation such as the title, registration, and bill of sale must be provided, and an inspection with a GEICO representative scheduled.

Contact information

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Phone Number (800) 861-8380 or (301) 986-3000 for customer service. Live chat available on website or app.
Address Main address: One GEICO Plaza, Washington, D.C. 20076. Headquarters: 5260 Western Avenue, Chevy Chase, MD. 20815.
Customer Service Email GEICO through their website. Use online tool to find a local agent.
Policy Details Access online or through GEICO Mobile app. Quote, payment, vehicle changes available through these channels.
Email Address General inquiries: [email protected]. Specific topics may vary; check relevant addresses on their website.
Fax Number General inquiries: (800) 207-7847. Specific topics may vary; check relevant fax numbers on their website.
Operating Hours Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET, excluding federal holidays.

Types of Salvaged Titles GEICO covers

GEICO extends coverage to various salvaged titles, contingent on the cause and extent of damage. Common types include:

Salvage: Denoting damage from any cause, declared a total loss by insurers.

Rebuilt: Signifying restoration to drivable condition post-repairs and state inspection.

Flood: Resulting from water damage, as from floods, hurricanes, or storms.

Fire: Arising from fire damage due to accidents, arson, or explosions.

Hail: Resulting from hailstorms causing damage to glass, roof, hood, and trunk.

Coverage options for Salvaged Title vehicles

GEICO provides various coverage options tailored to the needs of salvaged title vehicles:

Liability: Mandated by law, covering damages and injuries caused to others in an accident.

Collision: Optional coverage for repairs or replacement in collision scenarios.

Comprehensive: Optional coverage for non-collision events like fire, theft, vandalism, or natural disasters.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist: Optional coverage for damages and injuries in accidents with insufficiently insured drivers.

Medical Payments: Optional coverage for medical expenses and funeral costs after an accident.

Personal Injury Protection: Optional coverage for medical expenses, lost wages, and related costs post-accident.

Pros and cons of GEICO Salvaged Title coverage


Coverage Availability: GEICO covers salvaged title vehicles, offering more flexibility.

Competitive Rates: GEICO provides competitive rates and discounts, aiding in premium savings.

Coverage Variety: GEICO offers diverse coverage options, enabling customization based on preferences.

Reputation: GEICO is renowned for good customer service and a solid reputation.


Stringent Criteria: GEICO imposes strict inspection requirements, potentially elongating the qualification process.

Actual Cash Value Limitation: GEICO pays the actual cash value, substantially lower than the market value.

Coverage Limitations: Full coverage might not be available for specific salvaged titles, leaving gaps in protection.

Regional Variations: GEICO’s coverage rules may vary by state, potentially limiting availability or altering regulations.

Costs and premiums for Salvaged Titles

The expenses and premiums for GEICO salvaged title coverage hinge on multiple factors like vehicle type, condition, coverage options, location, and personal information.

Generally, these costs surpass those for clean title vehicles due to the perceived increased risk.

GEICO estimates average salvaged title coverage at around $1,200 yearly for a 2019 Honda Civic with rebuilt salvage title, including liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage with a $500 deductible.

Comparatively, clean title coverage for the same vehicle and options averages $1,000 per year. These figures, though, vary based on individual circumstances.

GEICO Salvaged Title restrictions

GEICO places certain restrictions on salvaged title vehicles:

  • Rebuilt Salvage Title: Vehicles must possess a rebuilt salvage title, indicating adherence to state standards for repairs and inspection.
  • Operational Status: Vehicles must be registered and operable, possessing a valid license plate.
  • No Existing Damage: Vehicles must exhibit no visible signs of damage or defects.
  • GEICO Inspection: Mandatory inspection by a GEICO representative to assess the vehicle’s condition and safety.
  • Coverage Limitations: Some salvaged titles might not qualify for full coverage, depending on the extent and nature of damage.
  • Lower Coverage Limits: The maximum payout by GEICO in case of a total loss may be lower than the market value due to salvage history.

These restrictions may differ across states, necessitating consultation with local GEICO representatives for accurate information.

Is Insurance for a salvaged car worth it?

The decision to insure a salvaged car rests on personal preferences, budget considerations, and risk tolerance. Weighing the pros and cons aids in making an informed choice:


Cost Savings: Salvaged cars are often cheaper than clean title counterparts, allowing budget-friendly purchases.

Partial Protection: GEICO offers liability coverage and optional coverages, providing some protection for salvaged title vehicles.

Legal Compliance: Many states mandate at least liability coverage for vehicles, irrespective of title status.


Insurance Availability: Difficulty in finding insurers for salvaged title cars might limit options.

Higher Premiums: GEICO charges more for salvaged title coverage, reflecting perceived higher risk and lower vehicle value.

Compensation Limitation: Actual cash value payouts may be insufficient for repair or replacement in a total loss scenario.

Ultimately, the choice hinges on individual circumstances. Evaluating personal needs and goals guides the decision to pursue insurance for a salvaged car.

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